Hong Ye Machinery is one of the biggest Asian manufactory producing wide range of laminating machines. Many years' experience in production of the machines allows actually offering all kinds of laminating machines, including the not tipical ones - precisely adjusted to specific client's needs. Ordering the machine you have a possibility to choose a standard version ( tipical model ) - or you can order machine to be manufactured on the base of your draft / scheme or technical drwaing. There is also a possibility to visit the manufactory to see ready machines, the being in stage of construction - and precisely fix the kind of needed machine.


 The general offer:



Some of below enclosed images show incomplete machines - in stage of manufacturing.








The order and delivery:

The machines are manufactured on request. Manufacturing time varys between 3-12 weeks from the order date - depending on size and degree of requested machine's complication. The delivery time is longer of sea container transport to pointed out Europian sea port ( approximately 30 days ). The machine's acceptance - in chosen sea port or according to further agreed conditions.

There is possibility of inviting Chinese technitian/engineer ( 2 man: technitian and translator ) - due to assembling, running the machine and train the staff how to operate, maintain and work on ordered machine. The cost of the visit consists of the price of air-tickets and accomodation with alimentation on the place. Totally can be estimated as up to 2500 eur.

For all the offered machines the producer gives one year warranty. In case of eventual damage in warranty period the faulty element will be delivered to you by courier shipment. However in most cases simple drawbacks can appear not earlier than after some years of exploitation - and can be easily repaired by any technitian/mechanic or electrician.

Prices and payment conditions:

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