Re-conditioned computer

multineedle quilting machine


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Re-conditioned quilting machines are devices after full regeneration which refers to exchange of all wearing parts into new ones and re-conditioning of whole machine's rest ( as trunk or other massive parts ). Apat of this such machines are equipped with new fittings like working bridge for staff,  winding device with electronically controlled  tension of quilted fabric, spoolbox and others.

This is because machines of the category - from user's point of view - are simply like new, and as such - get 1 year warranty. Programmable computer driven machines are equipped with ( also brand new ) excellent working computer servo drive ELTRON SLM2005 with multilanguage software. ELTRON SLM is the newest drive - a masterpiece in a world of electronic control in quilting.

Enclosed equipment:
Best price : eur 87500! EXW Austria


Above: convenient graphical interface facilitates programming of new designs  and changing existing ones.



 Further details on request.

You can also order computerised or cam driven multineedle quilting machine of any other working width ( or with 2 needle bars ). Standard working width serie: 59", 64", 74", 84", 100", 110", 120", 130".

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