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High capacity, top quality FEHRER airlay web forming

Nonwoven plant  3,3m

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The line is a "younger and more developed sister" of recently offered plant of the same type. Compare the offers



High class advanced airlay webforming plant for fluffy nonwoven composed with idealy chosen best class German and Austrian machines like FEHRER, MOHR, TRUETZSCHLER, SHIRP... Perfect technical condition - the plant is still in operational use - can be visited at any time ( Poland, airport Warsaw / WAW ). The year of construction: 1992 ( concernes the lot of machines; they were chosen and purchased together at the same time  ). 

The offer concernes the complete set of machines along with yarn pneumatic transport system, filters, driving and electrical units. 

Three TRUETZSCHLER openers dose yarn to be processed - in desired proportions.

The line produces high quality fluffy nonwoven by pouring ( airlay ) methode - which eliminates need of cross lapper usage. The methode consists in blowing out the fibre inside the FEHRER V21 web forming device to form the regular and uniform layer ready to be delivered to the special kind of FEHRER aerodynamic card K12. After web forming the perfect layer of raw nonwoven is delivered to the efficient one-level MOHR heating chamber equipped with new economical gas-jet burners

Actually the line produces waddings with 15-20% fraction of thermobonding fibre. 

The set of 8 separately driven round knives ( MOHR longitudinal and cross cutting section ) allow to slice the produced nonwoven into freely adjusted widths along with edges cutting. 

Big plant's working width allow to produce nonwovens of width up to 330cm, 2 x 160cm, 3 x 110 cm or the like.

Recommended fibre: 4 - 15 dtex of approximate length -  60mm.

The line produces nonwoven which can be used for many purposes, as: quilts or pillows fillings, upholstery, garment, furniture covering, thermal insulations, filtering and others...



The below enclosed pictures show the dusty / dirty machines - as they look normally during production. None of them is cleaned for imaging.

1.  3 x TRUERZSCHLER fibre dosing openers:


2.  HOLLINGSWORTH charging tank ( cabinet collector ):


3.  KUKLA tape ( band ) continuous balance ( weight ):


4.  FEHRER preliminary web forming device V21:



5.  FEHRER aerodynamic card K12:


6.  Compressing rollers section

7.   Single level economical MOHR heating chamber / new gas-jet burners ( 4 pcs )

8.   Longitudinal and cross MOHR cutting section

9.  MOHR winding section

10.Auxiliary equipment ( control panels, power cubicles, filters, and lots of other elements ):

 to be finished soon...

We stay for your disposal regarding the next - more detailed questions.

You are welcome as well to see the line working.

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