cutter SMD-300 

Very good technical condition - like brand new.

Efficiency: 200-500 kg/h depending from the type of cutted material and desired degree of fragmentation.

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The cutting machine was manufactured in China in 2011 for our special request and designed for our own use.  For the sake of changing the profile of our company's development - apart from very good attempts / trials on many kinds of raw materials, the machine was not used. Granulation (fineness) of the cutted product is adjustable by applying sieves (screens) of different holes' diameter to extract granulate of proper size from the cutter's drum. Along with the machine there come several screens with different holes' dimensions (from 10 to 60 mm).  Screens of different than offered perforation' size can be easily manufactured on request.


The machine can cut near any kind of material, e.g.: textile wastes / used clothes, PU and other foams, rubber, plastic, very good results we've got as well duringn cutting feathers, thick cords and ropes, industrial fishery nets and lots of other materials. The machine is set up and connected to electricity - ready to work. Shredded material (granulate) is transported to any outer container pneumatically (by fan). Visits / trials available after appointment.  Location: Lodz / Poland (LCJ airport).

Motor: 22 kW. 


Knives arrangement: two stationary knives and 6 rotating with cutter's drum (OR: 3 rotating knives splitted into halves with a shift of 120°). Installed are brand new knives. Additionally there comes with the cutter a set of spare brand new knives:


Price: 13.000 euro only, including the fan, EXW Lodz / Poland.

Further details on request. 

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