Producr: SALA Macchine Speciali, Italy. Year of manufacturing: 2011.

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Very good condition - disassembled, stored in the stock, ready for transportation / shipment.

Working width - up to 180 cm. The machines can be also used for rolling other flat products of height up to several cm, as quilts, blankets and the like...

Offered are machines "left" and "right" - to build a production line with two feeding places and one (common) point of rolled products receiving. Rolling diameter - 38 cm.

YOC: 2011, worked two years only (till 2013). Then - in best working condition - replaced by the same machines of different rolling diameter (new requirement of the mattreses ordering party). Stored till now; in 2017 intended for sale out.


The sale's item make the rolling machines only - without any alternative systems of mattresses' pressing or supply (which can be seen on the movie). This means manual feeding or constructing / adopting any individual system for pressed mattresses supply for rolling (manufactured yourself or ordered in our company - according to separate detailed arrangements and costs). Alternatively, you can purchase additional pre-orders (such as presses or delivery systems) directly from Italian producer (on request).

Price: € 20.000 EXW only for two machines together, or € 13.000 euro EXW for one machine.

In case of serious interest we can offer  any demonstration of machines' work confirming their best condition (after appointment, best after prepayment).

Some pictures of today's state (store):




It will be our pleasure to answer your further questions. 

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